Spanish wine bar and restaurant

High Bridge Newcastle upon Tyne

After years selling to Chefs around the North East, Cumbria and Scotland under Kaltur Food Ltd (our import wholesale business), and encouraging by some of them, we thought it was time to try to set up our own Spanish Wine Bar and Restaurant. In Spring 2016, we did embark on a new family venture and together with some specials friends we did created Kaltur Restaurant ltd.

Due to HighBridge small size and Covid restriction we will keep it closed till further notice, our Dean Street venue is open every day all day.

We were lucky to get our first venue in High Bridge Street, a post medieval cobbled attractive lane linking Big Market off Grey Street in the very heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Here we were encouraged to start to experiment and to bring in more and more Spanish ingredients and Spanish wines, always pairing it with our family-produced KALTUR Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the base of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

So Kaltur wine bar and restaurant was born. We did open on May 2017 as a special small and cosy sherry, wine bar & restaurant with an open kitchen inspired by the busy, quality and intimate restaurants and bars all around Spain, where we come from. A link between our Spanish culture of sharing, enjoying and socialising with the beautiful soul and atmosphere of an a historical part of Newcastle upon Tyne.

High Bridge Opening Times:

It is closed till further notice

Our Dean Street venue is open 7 days a week all day through.