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Galician food pairing with Estrella Galicia Beer

As a small family business we are really proud of working with Estrella De Galicia.

With more than 110 years of history, Estrella de Galicia company was created in A Coruña (Galicia) by Jose Maria Rivera Corral and still now days it is running by Rivera family. The secret of the success of the Rivera family´s beers lies in the meticulous care and attention to detail that they apply to every beer. They use top quality raw materials to create a unique beer, with personality and traits that awaken the senses: through taste, aroma, colour and brightness.

For more info please visit the Estrella Galicia website

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Welcome drink
Estrella Galicia on Draft

Empanada Gallega with tuna and roasted red pepper (Galician pie)
with Zero Alcohol Estre Galicia

Lacon with boiled potato (Galician style)

Galician octopus with mash potato, smoke paprika and extra virgin olive oil
with Estrella Galicia

Old Galician beef Entrecôte steak
with 1906 Reserva especial Estrella Galicia

Torta de Santiago (Almond cake) with dark chocolate sauce
with Black Coupage Estrella Galicia