Spanish wine bar and restaurant



At Kaltur wine bar & restaurant we support speciality coffee philosophy and their approach to coffee sourcing through direct trade, ethical practice.

We do work with Origin coffee roaster.

Through their direct trade practice they’re able to support theirs farm and mill partners directly, giving to our drinker the full traceability of the coffee. With direct trade we pay at least 50% over and above Fairtrade prices, without exception. Origin visit the farmers or mill representatives at least once a year – in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil – they ask questions and they listen. To the farmers, to the workers, and to their families. Their partners are committed to environmentally and socially sustainable practices. They know this because they see it with their own eyes and at Kaltur we do support them.

Resolute Coffee (our current choice)

Resolute signifies a no nonsense, classic idea of coffee. A consistent and comforting, full-bodied cup, with a defined dark chocolate and nut-like profile. Creating the bedrock of the morning latte or the days first shot of espresso. The blend is roasted to create a cup that is approachable, bold and sweet. This iteration of the blend is composed of 70% Brazil Sāo Joāo and 30% Colombia San Fermin.

This version of our Resolute blend celebrates some of our longest standing Direct Trade relationships in São João and San Fermin. The coffee is roasted to create a final cup that is approachable, bold and sweet.

During our annual sourcing trip visit to Brazil, we met with the Bachião family who showed us across their São João farm in the Minas Gerais region. The rich soil, high elevation and idea climate in this area creates the perfect environment for growing coffee.